Pandan Bay Youth Band

The Pandan Bay Youth band music program was established in April, 1996.  The program provides an opportunity for students in elementary and high schools to develop an appreciation for music and encourages the skills and discipline necessary for achieving musical success throughout a lifetime experiences.  Students learn the importance of cooperative team effort while working with fellow members the shared goals of the band.

The main emphasis of the band program is on musicianship and pride of accomplishment, followed closely by citizenship, tradition, morale, spirit, and loyalty.  It is possible by setting their schedule in a reasonable manner, to have a highly successful band activity and still maintain high scholastic standing.  The success of this organization will lead to the success of the individual and vice versa.

The music program is free to anyone who shows interest in learning music and have fun with fellow students. Students enrolled in the program are given musical instruments and materials for their scheduled practice.  Each student who is assigned with PBY Band instrument has the responsibility to take the utmost care in handling the instrument. As student progresses to college education, PBY Band allows the student to take the instrument with him or her to be able to avail for tuition fee and other benefits in the college band program in the college or university of their choice.

The success of the music program is evidenced by many alumni who are now gainfully employed as teachers, police officer, medical technologist, hotel and restaurant management jobs, nurses and one remain as assistant musical director.